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20 Most Expensive Luxury Pens

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Which are the most expensive luxury pens in the world?

We’ve put together this list of the top 20 most expensive luxury pens that money can buy.

For many centuries we have used all kinds of pens as a way of communication or in art. Nowadays we don’t use pens as much as before because of the new technology era. It’s so much easier to put down a note on the smartphone than using a pen and putting it down on paper. 

With this article, we will show you the most expensive luxury pens in the world. It can be penned that are used for special occasions or pens that have been a part of a specific event. 

There are so many different luxury pens on the market, and they all cost a fortune. I bet you didn’t think that one of the most expensive pens is worth over $7 million. There are pens with a long history that has been brought into the modern world right now. 

Maybe you have heard about some of the pens mentioned on this list before. Let us know! 

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The 20 Most Expensive Luxury Pens in the World

Living in a digital world like we’re doing in 2021, we primarily use writing on our laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The pen has been around for a while as a writing instrument. 

I think the best feature about having a pen is that it’s more personal if a letter is handwritten than having a note on your phone. The ink of the pen can be satisfying to put on the paper, making you calm. 

The luxury pens and figures mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around the web, such as MoneyInc and Pen Shop. 

Here’s our list of the 20 most expensive luxury pens you can buy:

20. Titanic-DNA Fountain Pens by Romain Jerome — $5,000

In twentieth place, we have the Titanic DNA Fountain Pen. It’s made by Romain Jerome, and it’s worth a total of $5,000. Jerome is the creator of the DNA series of luxury watches. 

This pen was created as a tribute to the Titanic ship. Each pen comes with a ring o steel at the barrel. One of the best features of this elegant pen is that it comes with metal being a blend of materials that comes from the actual Titanic ship. 

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