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12 Signs Of A Stubborn Girlfriend

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Here are 12 signs of a stubborn girlfriend;

1. She has natural hair.

If you think we are lying, conduct a survey of naturalists. Come back to report your findings to us.

Special Mention: Babes on lowcut. They are also on the list. Them dey try small.

2. She was born in March, June, July, August, and September.

Quick, think of all the stubborn girls you have dated in the past. What months were they born in? Oh, you see the connection now?

Special Mention: Girls born in February. Their own stubbornness is incomplete, but their head dey spark sometimes.

3. She has no front hair.

Stubbornness is what removed all her front hair. Don’t do Ghana weaving, don’t do box braids, she said no. It’s not only in relationships that she shows her stubbornness, she carried it into her hair choices too.

4. She is the last born.

These ones are born with stubbornness. It is their natural talent.

5. She has at least one brother.

That’s how she sharpens her stubbornness. Practice makes perfect, you know. That way, when you enter her life, she can display all the things she has practiced on you.

6. Her forehead is big.

Take a quick guess: what do you think is in there? One answer: STUBBORNNESS.

7. She is below 5’6″

We hate to say this, but the stubbornness is what is pressing her down. Let her stop being stubborn for a while and see how tall she will be.

8. Her shoe size is between 36 – 40.

Even you, you know we are not lying.

9. She wears glasses.

At least 80% of them.

10. She doesn’t wear make-up.

Yes, we said it. Do you have a problem with that? Show up in our office with your counter claim.

11. She wears make-up.

Again, we said it. If you have a problem with that, show up in our office with a face full of make-up and we will show you just how stubborn you are, coming to challenge something we said, instead of just accepting it.

12. She has at least 3 female bestfriends.

These are her advisers, the fertilizers for her stubbornness. If you dig deeper, you will find that they have a WhatsApp group. Hahaha!


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