10 Ad Campaigns That Translated Badly in Other Languages

Talk of ad campaigns and it is something most brands rely upon to get new customers. But it appears these 10 ad campaigns didn’t go as expected when translated into other languages.

Let have a look;

10. Coca-Cola

Many would have thought Coca-cola wouldn’t make any mistake when it comes to advertisement but that is the case for the giant brand.

It is believed when Coca Cola was launched in China, the brand was pronounced as “ke-kou-ke-la” which translates into “bite the wax tadpole”.

And so the name Coca-cola meant something else in the Chinese language. Biting the wax tadpole isn’t indeed something pleasant.

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  1. Chevy tried to sell the Nova in Latin America.

    But No Va means ‘doesn’t/won’t go’ in spanish-like languages.

    • Sergio Bordalo Reply

      The Ford Pinto was NEVER launched in Brasil. The jokes brazilians made were about the American car which was known to all to be sold in the USA. In Brazil, the idea was to sell is as the “Corcel” – which is also a young, fast horse. The Corcel line was already famous and successful, but was in need of a “new blood” replacement for continuity in the market. However, it did not go forward. A pitty, though.

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